Ring Named as 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree!
  • One Gesture is All You Need
    Everything happens when you make one gesture. It makes your life much easier.
  • An everyday jewelry
    A ring that expresses yourself being part of your fashion. Combining functionality and beauty.
  • One Gesture, One Magic
    Detects the smallest finger movements and immediately puts the gesture into action.
  • Enjoy battery life!
    Operates without recharging for multiple days. Stylish charging stand is included.

Video by Logbar

Ring - One Gesture is All You Need
Ring - Japan Launching Ceremony

Video by Media

ByThe Wall Street Journal - Wearable Ring Turns Your Finger Into a Magic Wand

Video by Ring Users

Many Ring users uploaded videos. If you have one, please let us know by email info@logbar.jp


Ring Device
・ Vibration (Micro Vibrator)
・ Sensor(Touch Sensor / 6-axis (acceleration angular speed) motion sensor)
・ EEPROM memory
・ Built-in Wireless Device Firmware Update
・ Built-in lithium-polymer battery(3.7v / 22mA)
・ Continuous use time:approx. 1-3 days
・ Continuous standby time:approx. 18 days
・ Charge time:approx. 3 hours
Operating environment
・ Temperature:50°F ~113°F/Humidity:0%~85%
Bluetooth® function
・ Output:Bluetooth Smart(Bluetooth 4.0)
・ Transmission range:Within 5 m with good visibility (This may change depending on the radio wave conditions and obstacles between the two devices)
・ Transmission frequency band :2.4GHz band/Bluetooth Low Energy compliance
・ Outer ring : Zinc (Surface: Tinned Cooper)
・ Inner ring : Zinc (Surface: Tinned Cooper)
・ Battery stand (When charging the Ring, use the USB/AC adapter to charge.)
・ MicroUSB cable
・ Equipment for size adjusting


If you cannot find it here, please contact support@logbar.jp
How do you use the Ring?
How long will the battery last?
Normally it will last for 2-3 days without recharging. It will be fully charged in a few hours.
How does the Ring work?
The Ring needs to be paired to iOS or Android. Ring will send the gesture information to each device, from there the information will be sent to the internet or the network. ※Once it’s paired to the device it will work even when it’s background mode.
Do you have any tools for developers?
We have an Open URI for developers. For more details, please go to this site http://logbar.jp/ring/en/developer
How many sizes do you have?
We have 4 sizes. Please check this for size measurements.
What device / OS does it work on?
iOS 7 or above OR Android 4.4 or above. Both with BLE.
What is it made of?
Inner side is Zinc.
Is it waterproof?
Ring is not waterproof so please take it off when washing your hand.
Is the battery rechargeable?
Yes, it is rechargeable.
How much is the shipping cost?
$15 flat fee.
Where can I purchase it?
You can purchase it from here.
I get an error message when purchasing.
It may be a credit card error so please contact support@logbar.jp
Do you ship international?
Yes, we ship everywhere in the world.
Can we exchange?
Unfortunately, we do not accept any exchanges.
Where is my Ring? I’m not getting it.
When the Ring is shipped out from the factory, you will get a notice with a tracking number. If you do not receive anything after the estimated shipping date, please contact support@logbar.jp
Can I get a receipt?
The receipt will be the purchase confirmation email you get after your purchase. If you need anything else, contact support@logbar.jp
What payments do you accept?
Only credit card.
I would like to order more than 10.
If your order is more than 10, please contact 10, support@logbar.jp
Trouble shooting
I cannot connect my Ring
If you cannot connect, please refer to ”When you cannot connect
My Ring is too big
Please attach the plastic size adjuster to make it smaller.
I cannot charge my Ring
Please check if the LED light is facing up.
It does not recognize my gesture
Please refer to “this” for gesture details.
How do I turn ON/OFF the Ring?
To turn on, hold the touch sensor button for 2 seconds. If you do not do anything for more than 3 seconds, it will automatically turn off.
1 Ring / $269.99